The Soul expands to fill the space left by the breath.

Jenn Duran Yoga, Fitness, Health and Mindfulness.

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Transformative Classes

Classes are intensely physical, yet accessible via synchronized breath, coupled with repetition and a progressive series of postures.

Strong Community

I share the gifts and insights that I’ve gathered with others, to build strong yet light-hearted communities unified by love, respect, and yoga.

Creative and Contemporary

I create a variety of flows. Every class offers a brand-new theme, focus, and peak pose to improve strength, stamina, and balance both on and off the mat.


Really creative, demanding sequences. Love the challenge and her attention to detail. Jenn is really fierce and supportive at the same time. Great classes!


Jenn’s classes are one-stop shopping for the body, mind, and spirit!


Jenn is by far the best yoga instructor I’ve ever had. When you take a class with Jenn, your experience is far beyond your expectations. Her classes force you to challenge yourself physically and mentally. Her knowledge is of a master yogi; her music keeps you motivated. Prepare to sweat and to leave feeling stronger than ever.

Anne Marie

Jenn is a super yoga teacher! She connects with you through the whole class getting you to challenge yourself in positive, motivating ways. She has changed the way I see myself and the world around me. I feel stronger physically and mentally. She has been my yoga teacher for just about a year, and in every class Jenn has something new for us to do. She is definitely the best!!!


Jenn is hands-down the best yoga teacher I’ve ever had. She leads a challenging yoga practice that is both spiritual and great fun -a unique balance she manages to achieve in every single class. Jenn puts huge effort into coming up with exciting new sequences every time so that no two classes are ever the same. She is a warm, sincere person with an impressive knowledge of yoga, and I look forward to her classes with great anticipation, knowing that I will leave the studio energized and inspired. If she ever left the Boston area, I would have to consider moving.


Jenn is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are challenging, but she inspires and motivates her students throughout, helping them to make a physical and spiritual connection. You can tell she puts much thought and effort into carefully sequencing each class. She really has a passion and enthusiasm for teaching yoga. She thrives in the yoga studio. When I first came to Black Crow, I was new to yoga and hardly knew anything about it. Jenn has taught me so much about yoga and myself; now I am much more confident in my practice. She really takes the time to help her students learn and appreciate yoga and their own potential. Her warm personality and her encouragement during class will push you to places you didn’t think you could go. Jenn is a great teacher and a great person!


As a novice yogi, I was immediately impressed at Jenn’s dedication to the practice and her warm welcome. Jenn shows an interest in her students and creates a healthy environment that allows each student to develop their practice at their pace, while still challenging everyone. I am already feeling stronger, both physically and mentally, and that is in large, thanks to Jenn. I look forward to developing my practice with Jenn’s help and guidance!


I’ve taken Jenn Duran’s yoga classes for about two years. I can honestly say the rigor and dedication I continually show myself on my mat has improved the “grit” that is crucial to my spiritual path.  Jenn’s classses are my church -holy and life-changing.  Jenn’s style of yoga is the most athletic I’ve found in a class yet. Her transitions are awesome and fun and keep you entirely present and focused.  She doesn’t recycle old flows; everyone in her class can see her creativity as a teacher.  Her classes aren’t for the weak of heart -as a former D1 athlete, I can say you’ll leave her classes the sweatiest you’ve probably ever been, with shaky muscles you might not know you had, and a full spirit knowing you can do whatever you put your mind to.  Thank you, Jenn!!!


Jenn is a natural; her creative and fast-paced flows push boundaries and open up unlimited possibilities within the mind, body, and soul.


I can’t say enough about how Jenn has impacted my life, health, and happiness. I’m not a lover of exercise (at all), and have tried and struggled for years to find something I could stick with. I wandered into Jenn’s class one day and have now been practicing yoga for over two solid years. I feel great both inside and out -so much stronger- and I owe it all to Jenn. She makes me feel challenged, successful, and motivated. Her flows are thoughtful and creative, and her classes go by so quickly. I never feel bored, which is really important for keeping me going. Thanks so much, Jenn!


I LOVE Jenn’s sculpt class, I go to a couple of studios in order to take her class.  She’s the best sculpt teacher that I have had as she pushes you the entire time.  Even though I go almost every week to the class, it is always different so I never get bored.  I love how she does a long warm up, because it really gets you working and forces you to not take a break in the beginning.  It’s also great how she organizes each class the same, as I now know the points where I can slow down and break or push myself when needed.


Jenn’s yoga sculpt is life changing!


I loooooooooove Jenn!  She’s a super skilled, truly fabulous yoga instructor and just a sweet human being.  Over the years, I have taken a bazillion yoga classes from maaaaany teachers, and I can safely say Jenn has provided more “EUREKA!” moments than any other!  So many of her thoughtful, customized suggestions on positioning/form made me think, “Ohhhh, THAT’s how you do that move!” And her “choreography” (for lack of a better word…ya know, sequencing!) is always perfectly controlled, creative, builds and flows beautifully, and is delightfully challenging (always with the offer of various beginner/int/adv skill levels).  I plan to continue catching her classes whenever possible.  Go Jenn!


Jenn is so focused on making us healthy and strong, it is impossible for us to do anything but.  Jenn rocks!